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Following we have once again prepared all available data sheets of our printers/accessories for you. To open them you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (double-click to view or right mouse-button/ "Save as"). The files will be provided in english language very soon.

19" Panel printers:
- Series 21-TE
- Series 21-TA
- Series 500
- Series 300
- Series 101

Compact Panel printers:
- Series 400
- Series 401
- Series 200

Switchboard journal printer:
- Series 144

Kiosk printer:
- C-56

Desktop journal printers:
- SP-2400
- DPU-414
- PS-180

- Power supply PS-DC0936
- Power supply RS-25

- ST-100-controller
- PS-180 Desktop journal printer

Note: Please use the standard Windows driver ("Text only") for the operation of our printers which is already contained in your Windows installation.